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Did You Know

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Blog by Lynda Gibson | March 7th, 2016

Did you Know:

In Ontario, any agreement with a contractor worth more than $50 must be in writing. This means that you should have a contract even for small home renovations or repairs. And, if the contract is signed in your home, you are also entitled to a 10 calendar-day cooling off period. Within these 10 days, you may cancel your contract without having to provide a reason or pay a cancellation fee.

Make sure your contract includes:

    • The contractor’s name, address and contact information.
    • A thorough description of the project, including the materials to be used.
    • A copy of the written estimate.
    • A clear description of any warranties.
    • The total cost and payment schedule, including the deposit amount. We recommend keeping down payments at no more than 10 per cent of the total cost of the contract.
    • A work schedule, including start and completion dates.

Avoid falling into the temptation of “paper-free” deals that sound too good to be true. Remember that no receipt means that you have no proof of purchase.

These tips have been provided by Consumer Protection Ontario, a consumer awareness program from the government of Ontario. Visit Ontario.ca/HomeRenos to learn about your rights and responsibilities before you get started. (Information supplied by RECO)